Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After Thought

Sometimes I think that my boyfriend doesn't think I'm sexy enough. For example, this morning I put on a tight dress to model for him as a possible New Years outfit. He was doing something on his laptop and glanced up at me quickly and shrugged. "Cool." That's all I got out of him. He hates it when I wear clothes that I think are sexy because he think that I look slutty.

Correction: He thinks that other people will think I look slutty. That doesn't make any fucking sense, but it's what he said. So I just take it as he's the one who thinks I look slutty. Then I feel bad about myself and the way I look and go change into something more conservative.

I have no idea what the hell I'm going to wear tonight! My boyfriend will already be at the party since I don't finish work until 11pm. Maybe I shouldn't even go. I'll revert back to Plan C and get drunk in my bedroom wearing whatever the fuck I want to wear!

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