Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Start

New Years is something I usually look forward to. The high from Christmas carries me through until the end of the year. Then things go down hill.

Apparently depression is starting early this year. I've been feeling like shit for a few hours at at time every couple of weeks. Nothing major.

But today is the start of something bigger. I can feel it... and of course it had to start on the eve of new years eve.


My New Year's plans have been foiled for the second time this month.

Plan A, get off work and go 2 hours out of town for New Years.
Plan foiled due to my shift being a night shift.

Plan B, get off the night shift and go to a party in town.
Plan foiled due to the host not allowing me to bring my friend with me because too many people were invited.

Plan C, drink alone in my bedroom after work because I have no other New Years plans.

And we have a winner, Plan C, come up to the podium please to accept your prize.

New Years doesn't even mean anything, you know. It's just another inflated day. I really shouldn't care, but I do. I care because, just like everyone else, I want my pathetic life to mean something, and I want to start the year off "right" by doing something awesome.

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