Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wasting Time

I'm at work, just trying to waste time before I'm required to attend some firework display at 10 o'clock. It's fucking freezing outside. I don't want to go stand outside for 2 hours.

Today has been a reasonable day. I'm really looking forward to getting off work and drinking vodka. I have a great excuse for getting wasted so quickly too... I have to catch up! Everyone should be good and drunk by the time I get to the party - and hopefully I get there before midnight.

I wish I were drunk right now, but my job requires me to drive.

Looking around the office, there's a lot of baby pictures at work. A lot of young families, you know. I wish I had a baby. I often dream that I'm a parent. If my chosen career fails me, I'd like to open up a daycare. Kids are so awesome. They're so clever, and their thought process is so unique. Children are often smarter than what they're given credit for.

I'd never drink again if I had a baby, and I like that idea. My mom drank while she was pregnant with me. Not the whole pregnancy, but for the first month for sure. She didn't know she was pregnant. I guess that's an excuse. I'm not like, fucked up or anything because of it. I mean... I don't have FAS.

I am a fucked up individual though.

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