Friday, May 29, 2009


Nobody's read my blog for about a month now. I thought I was being so positive too...

The BF and I got into a fight about laundry today. It was an all out war. He hasn't washed his clothes in literally a month. Every article of clothing he owns is in a heaping pile in the walk-in closet.

I'm not sure when the last time he wore clean socks was. He just picks through them to find another pair. Same with jeans and shirts and gitch. Fucking disgusting. He smells.

I said if you don't deal with this I'm putting your laundry somewhere you don't want it to be. He never did his laundry so I moved every last article into his studio. I covered the entire floor with his dirty clothes.

His car is broken and he's been using mine for the last two weeks. I put my foot down last night and said take the bus you scab! So he did. He comes home late from work. He's in a terrible mood. He takes one look at his laundry and explodes.

Everything with him is "I'll do it later" "I'll do it tomorrow" "Another time" "Not right now."


Now! NOW! I said to him. DO IT NOW! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

I got in his face and shoved him a bit. Lots of finger wagging and pointing. I said get it done.

He wanted to take a nap. I told him he would never be able to fall asleep because I would standing over his head screaming at him to wash his laundry. He tried anyway and failed horrible. I nagged in his ear as hard as I could. I even attempted to push him off the bed. This really agitated him.

"Why are you acting like such a crazy bitch?" he says.
I grabbed a pair of scissors and said, "You want crazy? This is crazy! Go wash your clothes before I fucking stab you!"

I jabbed my scissors into his general direction for good measure.

It took a good thirty to forty-five minutes of yelling and abuse before he conceded and took his clothes to the washing machine. I told him he could nap on the huge leather couch in the laundry room if he was sooooo tired.

After he brought his clean laundry upstairs I made him hang it up and put it away properly. I also got him to change the lightbulbs he kept saying he'd do and never did. And I got him to change the kitty litter and take out the recycling.

He is such a lazy, dirty, fucker.

I wish for once, just once, he'd show some initiative and pride in himself. Like, seriously, wear clean socks every day for fuck's sake! I can't even believe him sometimes.


  1. You are possessed of more patience than you give yourself credit for. Especially if you live with someone who stinks. That's straight up BS

  2. that's ridiculous. I hate people like that. He caused himself so much grief and all at once. He had you pissed off and yelling, he had all these tasks to do, and he likely didn't get his nap. To think, all he would had to do was do one of those things everyday and there would have been no grief, yelling, or attempted stabbing.

    I feel your pain, I've had roommates who were similar.

  3. Hey, I've been reading. I just haven't been too good with the whole commenting or posting on my own blog thing!