Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Nook

I zoned out at breakfast this morning. We were at The Nook. The BF was boring me and wouldn't stop talking about things I already know, so I didn't even pretend to listen. I just zoned out.

Plus, I don't know why I always order pancakes when I go out to eat because I really don't like pancakes. They seem like a good idea at the time, but they're too heavy and gross me out after just a few bites. I ate literally half my stack. The BF ate his stack plus the rest of my stack too.

He's going to get fat one day and it will be all my fault. Well, one third my fault. He doesn't eat breakfast and his lunch consists of Mr. Noodles and an apple, or maybe a burger and fries. Blah.

After we're married and have kids I'm going to enforce family breakfast hour, family exercise time, and family board game night.

I'm craving mozzerela flavoured cheetos right now. Damn that would taste so good! They don't sell them where I'm from and that disappoints me.

I'm hungry all the time. I'm going to get fat one day too. I used to care, but now I kind of don't.

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