Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mixed Bag

I'm such a drama queen.

Things with The Bf and I are fine(ish) I guess. I installed The Sims Complete Collection and made all my friends and family into Sim form. It's sweet.

I went for breakfast with my sister this morning and it was really fun. She told me funny things that happened last night after she went to go pick up her drunk friend-with-benefits from the bar. I like to call him Shelly because his name is Sheldon and he hates being called Shelly.

For the past week I've been waiting for a response from my I-hope-to-one-day-be-real-friends on facebook. Nothing yet. I didn't say anything weird to them... and I know they've read my message because I creeped their facebook to see what kind of activity they've been up to.

It's time to give up. I'm moving to plan B. "Would you like to get a coffee tomorrow?" is almost too easy. Instead, I should think of an elaborate and difficult scheme to "randomly" bump into them. I'm kidding. But thinking about it makes me laugh.

I like plotting outrageous plans that make no sense. I once wrote a story called "Why Russ Is In Cuba" and it's a semi-fictional story that originated from an MSN Messenger convo I was having with a friend.

I'd love to get some art done to go along with the story, but I'd have to find a talented artist first.

This blog was mostly useless... but now I'm going to post my story on here... maybe.

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