Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Pills

Last night I typed the words "happy pills" into Google search and I found this:

It made me laugh inside my head, like who would be stupid enough to buy these? It doesn't look professional in any way.

I bought a bottle of 60 tablets anyway. It only cost me $30 which, after looking at some other prices on the web, it seems like I got some sort of deal. Other sites were selling for $50 and even $60 dollars. (And is it redundant I wrote a $ sign plus the word?)

Here's some more specs for you to judge me by:


  1. I thought this was a joke, but you're serious! Let me know how those work?

  2. we used to sell them at spencers---only--it was candy. lol, let me know too!

  3. those ingredients look like good things. Let me know how that goes. I've been a cranky bastard lately and maybe I need happy pills

  4. My hormones and the Pill have made me all kinds of crazy. I used to think that maybe it was because I wasn't on the Pill, but now that I am back on it, I've been crying at work, and practically changing moods by the minute.

    Fingers crossed, this month is okay so far.

    How are these happy pills going?