Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 Things

There are two things that I think about at work.

1. Hanging myself in the office while on a night shift. The cleaning staff won't find me. I'll wait until they leave. I'd feel badly if they found me because they often bring their small children to work with them. Then again I can't feel bad cause I'm dead, but I'd feel badly beforehand I suppose.

The radio person won't find me because I'll wait for that person to leave. Unfortunately my shift ends at 10:45pm and the radio shift ends at midnight. I'll just have to bum around for an hour, or hide out somewhere.

Where I work is a 5 story building. I could potentially do myself in on any of those floors, but the main floor is where it's at. Although, there's a few rooms on the second floor that would be kind of cool to hang myself in and I've put some thought into it.

News stations don't report on suicides. I'm not doing it for the attention. I'm doing it to make a statment. Which I suppose, that's kind of like for attention. But it's different somehow.


2. The other thing I think about at work is making dirty love to a handful of my coworkers. There is one coworker specifically that I would love to have fuck my brains out. He's married (no kids) and much older than I. But he's so cute! He walks with a swagger and his brand of cigarettes gives him a very enticing smell.

When we drive around in the company vehicle together during the night shift, I always have the urge to pull over into a dark alley and have my way with him.

There's a few women that I imagine naked too bccause I think they are beautiful.


Actually, I think 2 coworkers of mine are banging each other now. I know they're both single and I saw them leave the office together tonight... it wasn't suspicious, but just out of the ordinary. I have a hunch they're secretly doing each other. That's so hot. I'd love to fuck a coworker.

The closest I've came to fucking a coworker is fucking a classmate (or several), which was pretty cool, but I think fucking a coworker would be more... exhilerating perhaps?? I don't know. Maybe not.

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  1. Fucking coworkers is better than hanging yourself, so I'm rooting for plan B.

    There are a couple where I work I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with myself.