Monday, February 9, 2009


My father was trying to call me all weekend. I'd left my phone at home by mistake and never got his messages until this morning - (While waiting for my bus which never came because it was raining and the roads were pure ice. I had to drive to work so I wouldn't be late and paid ten fucking dollars to park for the day!)

He wants me to send him money. I told him if he got off welfare, I'd help support him financially until his rent-assistance money came in. He really hated welfare and I even went and spoke with his councillor on his behalf because he was getting so frustrated with the system. He thought his councillor was incompetent. Turns out she really is. And French too. Not that I have anything against French people, I just thought I'd throw that in.

He wants a "couple hundred dollars." I'll probably send him $250. He asked for the money at a bad time. Last night The BF and I discussed our "wedding" and how much it was going to cost and how much we were going to need to save in order to reach our goal of $5000 each. Ten thousand dollars is the max we're going to spend on eloping to Australia.

It's about 3 grand for one round trip ticket. We're only going to spend a few days in a nice hotel room (so we can have super-awesome-married-people-honey-moon sex!) The rest of our trip will be spent in hostels. I know one person in Australia. I met her this summer. Perhaps she might let us crash for free for a few days with her, or a friend.

Food is going to cost a lot of money. Eating 3 meals a day at restaurants is not cost effective. We'll probably try to buy some food at a grocery store so we're not eating out all the time. The only problem so far that I see is that once we check out of the hotel room, we won't have a safe place to store our belongings. We'll have to drag them along with us everywhere we go. We probably won't rent a car either. We can't leave our crap in a hostel, or it will get stolen. So, we'll have to pack light.

We're not big on the tourist junk. We'll spend a few days at the beach for sure, but we really want to get into the Australian music scene, and make some friends at a sweet concert or something. I want to see Australian wildlife!

We're going to have to save at least 3 hundred each a month if we want to reach our goal of having $5000 each by February 2010. Now because of Dad I'm already one month behind. Fucker.

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  1. Another guy's blog was all about how he's going to buy a cheap van and tour around Europe in it. You should look into buying some cheap-ass beater in Australia, drive it around, and then abandon it or trade it for lunch once you're done with it.
    Thats really good of you to send money to your dad. I don't know if I would be a good son and send my father money.