Friday, February 13, 2009

Questionable Content

I can't really tell anyone else, so I may as well tell my fellow bloggers...

I had a sexy dream last night.

It was very... involved haha.

Tomorrow I leave on a little weekend getaway with a friend I've known my whole life, Janey, and her boyfriend. The dream was about this friend.

The dream starts where I'm over at her house. There's tons of people there. We're celebrating something. Janey and I leave the party and go into her room to get ready for bed. We always shared a bed during sleep-overs. We started talking about sex with our boyfriends. I think I may have said something about wanting to eat pussy and Janey saying something like she wanted her pussy to get eaten out. We were getting undressed. I had my pants off, and was just wearing a thong. A purple one actually. Kind of like a lilac colour haha. I was just taking my shirt off, when Janey's dad burst through the door. I pulled my shirt back down quickly. For some reason, we had to go with him to help someone do something... I don't even know.

Janey and I leave her room. I'm only wearing a shirt and a thong. We go outside and all of our family is there. My mom asked me to come over and help her with something. Then the police arrive and arrest me for indecent exposure. Apparently it's illegal to show your bare ass in public. I explained to the officer that I had my breasts, anus, and vagina covered... but that wasn't a good enough excuse for not wearing pants. I don't remember being cuffed... but that's where I woke up.

That's my sexy dream.

BUT THEN... I fell back asleep.

I dreamed The BF and I were with Janey and her boyfriend at the hotel room. I pulled her boyfriend aside and told him about how I dreamed that I was going to go down on his girlfriend, but I was too embarrassed to tell her myself in case she thought I was a sick friend. He told me that he'd love to have a foursome.

So we went back to the hotel room. Janey and I got naked and started doing stuff on the bed. I don't want to get too pornographic. Then Janey's boyfriend's came and he lied down on the bed. Janey was on top in this reverse cowgirl position, but leaning back so that I had access to her cunt. I believe I was holding her boyfriend's testicles in one hand, Janey's breast in another, and my face was buried somewhere in the middle haha.

Then my boyfriend came and started doing me doggie. It was the greatest sex dream ever!
I woke up and was late for work. That didn't stop me from quickly masturbating! Jesus! How could I not after a dream like that!

Now, I'm debating if I should say something to them over the weekend. Maybe my wish will come true haha.

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  1. I almost had a chubby. I think that would be awesome if you were to partake in that sort of exercise, but be sure to just play it by ear. You don't wanna make things any weirder for anyone than it might get.