Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All The Small Things

Everyone knows it's the little things that count.

I try very hard not be trivial because I'm the type who always wants to exact my revenge, no matter how stupid the situation is.

When The BF leaves his things lying around I gather them all in a big pile and drop them inside his studio in the middle of the floor. His numerous cables get all tangled up. I once unplugged the internet. Guitar picks left on the floor get swept up and thrown away. When he doesn't turn his alarm off in the morning before showering I unplug his clock instead of turning it off. I let the cats scratch his leather couch when he's not around.

It's trivial. It's stupid things. Sure, I could wrap his cables nicely and place his belongings neatly on his (messy) desk. But, I like listening to him complain about having to untangle his cables.
"Well, you should have put them away nicely then," I say.

Sure, I could bend over and pick up every penny, every tiny screw, every guitar pick. But why should I? If these things were important to him, he should have picked them up himself when he dropped them. I smile every time he can't find his guitar picks and has to buy more.
"You should be more organized then," I say.

When he leaves his alarm clock on I unplug it because I don't know how to turn it off. Plus, my sleep is being disturbed and he should know to turn it off in the mornings if he doesn't want to reprogram it every day. Also, it's just courteous.

As for the couch - I just really don't like it. The more ruined it gets the more likely we are to purchase a new one,(and hopefully with HIS money.)

I always say, "Maybe if you cleaned their litter box everyday like you're supposed to, they wouldn't be mad at you and scratch your couch."

It's a stretch, but it's possible.

So, as you see, I take what I can get. It isn't much, but my small, cruel acts help to offset his big lack of responsibility around the house and make me feel as though I'm getting even. I don't plan on taking any major steps because everyone knows it's the little things that count.


  1. One time on I read this secret that sad something along the lines of "You think I'm reading your mind, but really I'm just reading your blog."
    I %100 understand the need to vent privately, and I'm actually sorry to have intruded upon this space because I really do think you meant it to be a place for nobody you know to exist. But I can't stop reading. You're a fascinating girl. Anyway, have you considered leaving a sincere and in-depth handwritten note lying around for your boyfriend to read explaining your feelings? I really do think the written word has more impact than the spoken word.

    But I'm glad you claim your victories. We all do that somehow, and it's good that you can find yours. Most people don't.

  2. Are you sure you are in love with this guy? I mean, you plan to marry him, and lately we have been reading a lot of you being infuriated. Just be careful!