Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hone Your Craft

I've been writing a lot of draft blogs lately and then deleting them because they get too long and rambly and I don't want to edit them to make them shorter or end them properly. So I just delete them.

If you had a specific skill, would you not want to "hone your craft?"
If you were a photographer, wouldn't you want to take pictures of everything, even if it was of content you weren't particularily interested in, just because it would be good practice, it would get your name out there, and all around improve your skill?

If you were a carpentor, would you say, no I don't want to build a barn... I only build houses. Or if you were a mechanic would you say, no I don't want to fix trucks... I only fix cars.

So, as a photographer, who shoots mainly action and portrait shots, (the other genres of photography are landscapes and weddings,) if you were offered a free VIP pass to an event you wouldn't normally attend, what does it matter that you don't like what's going on at the event?

Isn't it enough to shoot something because you like to use your camera and it gives you exposure, so that one day you can make money off photography like you've always planned?

I had 2 VIP passes once. I offered one away. It was thrown back in my face. Whatever. His loss. Obviously he doesn't want to be a professional photographer that bad!

No, he'd rather sit on his ass watching TV than go do something he loves; even if he doesn't love what he's shooting. It's about capturing moments. It's about telling a story. It's about money.

How can you capture moments, tell a story, and make money by sitting on your ass? When somebody gets hired for this position, please tell me how you did it because the entire world is dying to know.

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  1. It's important to hone your craft. I always feel it's important to paractice in whatever venue possible if those skills transfer over to your career. For example, anytime there was a chance to talk on a microphone I always took that as an oppertunity to get comfortable. As a result I have and have been asked to M.C.ed some weddings for friends. Which is not only a honor but also another chance to become a better linguist.

    I've always lived my life by the idea that "Nothing worth having in this life comes easy".

    Those are just some random thoughts I had after reading your blog. I have nothing direct to say really.