Saturday, March 21, 2009

Partial Insomnia Remedy

Yesterday I called in sick for my shift that I was supposed to have today. Then I went to a concert. I shouldn't have gone because I was sick, but that's a waste of money and there was no one else to take the ticket and I really wanted to go. I had booked the day off work to go!

Now today, I don't feel sick at all. I could have actually gone to work, but I'd already called in sick. I have to work tomorrow which sucks, but it's nice to get some time off.

To alleviate my insomnia, I'm trying a few new things. I bought a CD at Shoppers Drug Mart for $10. You know those little music kiosk things where you can preview different CD's for sale. The cover art for all the CDs are buttons that you push and it starts to play the CD for you.

Anyway, there was one called Dream Surf. I pushed it and it was the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore. I bought it. My other purchases were Vaseline, condoms, kinder surprise chocolates, and cold medication. I always wonder what the cashier is thinking when she's ringing through my items.

I put the CD on before bed and popped some Nyquil pills. The effect was wondrous! What an awesome sleep. I woke up once at 5 am but fell back asleep within a few minutes.

The next night I played the CD again, but instead of taking Nyquil I rubbed Vicks Vapo Rub on my throat and chest and I took some other pills. They're called Relax and Sleep pills. It's a variety of herbal type stuff. Catnip, passionflower, and some other things. Anyway, those knocked me out pretty good! I slept the whole night through and it was awesome! The last time I slept for 10 straight hours, I must have been in high school.

Normally it takes me about an hour to 2 hours to fall asleep after going to bed, even though I'm feeling very tired. I usually wake up at least twice during the night and it will take me anywhere from ten minutes to an hour to fall back asleep again.

These Relax and Sleep pills aren't supposed to be taken daily. The bottle says "Only to be taken occasionally." Occasionally isn't a very exact reference of time. Perhaps they could have written, take once a week, or, do not exceed X amount of pills a month. You know, something with a better frame of reference.

To me, occasionally means once a month.

I want to take these pills ever day. Are they addicting? I'm not sure. Catnip is like light marijuana isn't it? If I had it my way I'd toke up every night before bed!

I know people can start to rely on sleeping pills too heavily and then are unable to sleep with out them, but the way I see it, these people are taking sleeping pills for a reason ie: can't sleep, and so how could somebody know for sure that they were addicted to sleeping pills? Maybe there are people who need sleeping pills every night in order to get proper rest?

I've had trouble sleeping all my life, for as far back as I can remember.

Apparently insomnia isn't a "sickness" it's a symptom. I wonder why my insomnia is a symptom of if I've had it all my life?

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