Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pen Pals

I feel like I should write a new post, but I'm unsure what to write about.

I've been feeling rather anti-social as of late. I've been sick and worn out. I tire easily and just want to stay at home and write to my pen pals in prison. I want more pen pals. This one pen pal I have in the Louisiana State Pentitentiary is such an amazing person! I love reading letters from him. He's as old as my dad and has much to say about the world. It's very interesting.

My other pen pal in Nevada State Prison might masturbate to the picture I sent to him of me... I'm not sure though... he's kind of creepy.

I used to have to pen pal in Australia that I was paired with while enrolled in Girl Guides. It was cool at the time. Pen pals were really popular then.

With the advent of the internet, there's no need to pen a friend. You can just go into a Spanish chat room or something and chat with whoever and it doesn't cost you anything.

I used to do that a lot actually. I'd enter some international chat room and use Babblefish Translater from to help me translate. It was cool.

I'd love to learn a second language. I'd want to learn French or German. I know a little bit of French from what I learned in elementary school, but I can't form proper sentences or conjugate verbs.

After learning French I'd travel abroad and spend the summer in France with a hot beau haha.


  1. I always thought about getting a prision pen pal. I think it would be interesting. Though I have certain trepidations about such activity

  2. trepidations such as...?

    worried he'll break out and come slay you? He can't cross the border and most likely hasn't even heard of where you're from anyway.

    If you don't want your address to be known, you can always get a PO box.