Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I read parenting articles for fun.
I honestly enjoy reading about child rearing tactics, age-appropriate discipline, healthy snack foods, and cognitive development!

I love kids so much. In this past year I've heard about so many people I know getting pregnant and it drives me mad because a part of me wish it was I who was pregnant.

The BF isn't ready. Obviously. Why should he be? He thoroughly enjoys being an immature adult to the fullest extent.

Having a baby doesn't make you mature. It makes you think that you probably should mature, and so you do because you think you have to.

Well, you do have to mature slightly I suppose.

To satisfy my need to be around children I’ve decided to volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I sent in my application form today online. I’m really, really excited. I keep thinking about it and smiling.

I’ve been meaning to apply for a few years, but I didn’t have a stable enough routine before. School took up all of my time and it wouldn’t be fair to the little one.

For the past hour I’ve been on the Internet researching things to do in my city. From an adult standpoint, I know of many adult things to do in the city, but not a lot of “Family Fun” type things.

Of course there’s all the museums and tours and junk like that, which I’m all about. I’m a total sucker for that stuff, but it can cost a lot of money. As a volunteer, you’re encouraged to do activities that don’t revolve around money so much; like, play sports together.

I hate sports.

I love board games. I must own fifty board games by now. Oh my gawd, if I could be paired up with a kid who likes to play board or card games I am set!

And if my little buddy is nerdy like me and likes the library and baking cookies, and arts and crafts, and being in nature I will probably want to adopt her as my own!

There’s so much fun stuff to do that you can’t really do with other adults unless you add the work “drunk” in front of it. Drunken Bowling. Drunken Mini Golf.

I know as an adult I have never called up a few friends and asked them if they wanted to go to the zoo with me, or if they wanted to go to the roller rink. But, when you’re with a kid, it’s actually pretty fun.

I’m really looking forward to this!

I was really fortunate as a child to have a mother that actually took me places. I remember going to all the museums, different indoor swimming pools, beaches, hiking, the theatre, children’s events and concerts, the circus, the zoo!

A lot of kids don’t have that growing up. A lot of kids are stuck at home all summer and never know what it feels like to travel, or go boating, or explore some place new. I was a shy little kid and was perfectly happy never leaving my bedroom, but I’m really glad my mom forced me out into the world because in the end she was right. I had fun and I learned stuff.

I hope whomever I’m paired up with will have fun and learn stuff too.


  1. Thats awesome! Typically these kids are craving attention in any form and will love whatever you do.

    And on the contrary, i am quite the lush and have spent many saturday/sundays with friends not drinking and instead at the zoo and parks [i actually even mentioned this in my blog today].

    The zoo rules!

  2. that is really cool! I always wanted to do that too! With the nature of my job I'd feel so bad if all of a sudden I had to up and move.

    I think the next place I go, where ever that may be, will be more permanent. But certainly keep me (us) posted on this.

  3. I actually signed up for this just before I left Brandon. I was going to take part in a group thing where two 'Bigs' would take a few 'Littles' out on a day trip somewhere. I figured because I was a cool guy I'd have a lot of neat things to teach kids. Plus it was a good excuse to get out, do things, and meet new people.
    I also did it because I thought it would pick up chicks. That shit always works out in the movies and TV.
    See: Big Daddy for reference.

  4. What a wonderful idea!!! I remember my 12th grade LA teacher explaining how she was a 'Big Sister' and ever since then I've really wanted to sign up too!!!

    Unfortunately my schedule won't allow it right now. But as soon as I can, I'm going to sign up too!

    I like kids. I used to teach dance classes and I really miss those little buggers!!

    I hope everything works out and you get an awesome kid!!!