Friday, January 16, 2009

Apple sucks big time

I got an iPod Nano for Christmas. At first I really hated it because I hate Apple products more than you can imagine. I make it quite clear to everyone around me my hatred for their products. It was from my boyfriend though and I was forced to love it. He knows I hate Apple but his reasoning for getting me one kind of made sense.

1. I'm on the bus for twenty minutes in the morning.

2. Sometimes at work I have nothing do and when I've exhausted every familiar site on the internet and have nobody left to text on my cell phone, it's nice to have music to listen to.

3. I'm trying to work out.

Anyway, I broke my iPod. It's like, frozen or something. I can't turn it on or charge it. I'm not happy about it either. I'm pissed off. Fucking piece of shit Apple products. I hate all of them.

Like seriously, the file managment system on the god damn Macs is so shitty. Hey, Apple! Did it ever occur to you I don't want everything to go to my fucking desktop and that maybe I'd like to have a choice?

Windows is for me. They give me the choice.

Macs are okay for editing video and music, but as far as a day-to-day computer goes. No. It's not good at all. I prefer my Windows XP.

But I hate Vista. Stupid Vista. Morons who invented Vista should be shot. Honestly. And it looks too much like a Mac.

Everything is so bubbly and cartoon-like. What is this? A computer for 12 year old girls? Cause that's what it looks like.

I'm sad my iPod's not working. I'm bored at work and have nothing to do but sit in a spinny chair and get paid to do nothing. Life's hard, eh?

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