Thursday, January 1, 2009


I had a fucked up crazy zombie dream last night. It was super scary.

When The BF and I first heard of the attack (in my dream that is) we nailed some long sheets of plywood to the stairs leading up to our third floor apartment so it would be like a slope. Then we boarded up our doors. We thought we'd be safe for a while until the people in our building started getting infected. We also nailed a wooden ladder just outside our balcony so that if we needed to escape we could quickly go down this hidden ladder.

Anyway, the zombies became too much. We had to make a run for it. I grabbed all of our canned food and our can opener, put them in one of those recyclable shopping bags. I also grabbed all of our knives and tools and put them in the bag as well since we don't own any guns.

We climbed down our secret ladder and bolted to The BF's car. We got there just in time and slammed the doors. The fuel gage was on a quarter tank (figures) and we drove down the main highway back to my hometown.

We met up with my mom and sister and my mom's friend from town. They joined the caravan. A girl I used to be best friends with in grade 9 and her parents joined in their car. Finally the family of another high school friend (who I may have had a tiny crush on in high school) joined in their van. My friend was MIA.

We made a plan to drive out to The BF's parent's house because they live on a farm, they have lots of supplies, guns, and it was in the middle of nowhere and we thought we'd be safe to hide out there for a while. And they have a lot of gas, a generator, tools, you name it, they had it!

We all hide out inside the house. Turned out all the lights, boarded up every door and window. The cars tanks were filled with gas for when we needed to escape. For some reason we thought that the best hiding place would be inside the basement because it's quieter and that's where all the supplies were kept. EVEN THOUGH I JUST finished reading the zombie survival guide and was told NEVER to hide in a basement cause there's no escape.

Well, we had an escape plan. There's a false ceiling in the basement, so when the zombies started to infiltrate our home, we'd climb up through a hole in the false ceiling and lay spread out flat and somehow crawl to safety. There was some sort of secret way to get outside.

It was so cold and it was snowing. We'd left little peek holes at the windows so we could see anybody coming. I remember the parents of my MIA friend being so worried because they didn't know where he was and they wanted to find him so bad.

Other than the stupid hide in the basement plan, the other dumb thing in the dream was that The BF's brothers still went outside everyday to milk the cows. I don't know how since we boarded everything up.

Zombie movies have always been the scariest movies for me. I CRIED in the theatre when I saw 28 Weeks Later. I was afriad to go into the parking lot. My heart was pounding so fast. The thought of zombies terrifies me greatly. I want to buy a gun specifically for self defence against zombies.

I hope I don't have another dream like that again.

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  1. You HAVE to read 'World War Z.' You absolutely positively HAVE to.