Monday, January 5, 2009

Stuff that I wanna do

Something I really want to start doing is some sort of yoga, or dance class. Any kind of group exercise activity. I really want The BF to come with me. Not only do both of us need to get in shape, but participating in healthy activities as a couple makes it more fun and easier!

I think so anyway. He doesn't. Bastard.

He doesn't want to. He said he'll go to one class. Just one. He'll go to one class to make me shut up about it so that he can say he hates it and never go again.

He's "not into that kind of thing."
He's never even been in a group fitness class before. How could he not be into something he's never tried? I understand that everyone has an inclination of what they may or may not like, but you'll never truly know until you try it.

I, for example, do not think that I will enjoy sky diving because I have an intense fear of falling. Skydiving is jumping out of a plane and falling through the sky to your death when the parachute doesn't open and you have no way to save yourself. I have a legitimate reason for not wanting to ever skydive. It's a very niche market.

Group exercising is not for everyone either. Some people prefer to take long runs by them self, or else pump iron at the gym. The BF does neither of these things. Nor does he participate in any sort of team sport!

He skateboards. That's his only form of exercise. Out of 12 months of the year, he can spend 5 months skateboarding. Out of those 5 months, he cannot skateboard while it's raining, and he usually cannot skateboarding the day after it rains because the sidewalks are too wet and full of puddles which you cannot skateboard through.

On top of it all, he usually ends up hurting himself halfway through the summer because he wiped out trying to do a skateboarding trick, and then he can't skateboard for a few weeks because he's too sore. So really... We're looking at about 3 to 3.5 months of eligible exercise time.

The BF doesn't skateboard every day. Sometimes it's every other day. Sometimes he'll wait 3 or 4 days in between skateboarding. So out of 12 months of the year, he gets about 2 months worth of exercise. Disgusting.

I suppose I'm not counting sex as exercise. I'm not going to count it.

I guess I'm just upset because I try to do all the activities that he wants to do and I try to be optimistic towards them, but then when I suggest we do something that I really want to do, he's never into it. It won't be long before you're reading a post about him not wanting to play board games, trust me.

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